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Weight Maintenance


Once you achieve your ideal weight, in order to maintain your weight we advise you to follow the balancing program. During this phase, you will need to keep your calorie intake equalized, up your metabolic rate, and keep up your daily protein intake. This will help protect your muscle mass, which burns more energy throughout the day.

Start balancing your calorie intake with our 4 KEYS to avoid weight gain:

KEY 1 – EQUALIZE: Weekly, have 3 Xndo calorie controlled meals instead of your ordinary meals to match your daily calorie and energy needs.
KEY 2 – INCREASE: Use Xndo protein drinks and bars to protect your muscles mass to keep burning fat throughout the day
KEY 3 – ENERGIZE: Retain ideal metabolic rate to burn calories through the day with Xndo coffees, teas, multi-grain drinks and more throughout the day
KEY 4 – DIGESTIVE: Protect yourself from weight gain with Xndo enzymes and other digestive products to remove the toxins that binds in fat