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Testimonial By ADRIEL CHEW




For years I tried to lose weight but kept gaining it slowly, especially around my stomach. Nothing seemed to help. I tried to diet and not eat as much, but I would always get hungry and end up filing up again on rice. My weight slowly went up to an all time high of 81 kg. I felt heavy and unhealthy.



I went on the program and to my surprise I saw a huge result after six months. I lost 10kg and my weight went down to 71kg, all without ever feeling hungry or like I was on a diet. Never before had my weight gone below 74kg! The best thing was that my visceral fat went down from 17 to 11. Now my stomach looks flatter, and I feel lighter and healthier than I ever have before.

Thanks to Xndo I’m now very close to my ideal weight, and I’m going to keep going until I get there!


Testimonial By KELLY TEO

"A healthy way to gain a more ideal body composition"



With her shift work as a nurse and busy schedule, Kelly did not even realise she was putting on weight until she looked at an old photo of herself. “I didn’t realise that I had put on quite so much!” The realisation struck home even more when she wandered into an Xndo store one day and did a body composition assessment. “My weight was 54kg, higher than my ideal weight of 51.6kg and much more than my last remembered weight of 48kg!” she recalled. Most significantly, though she did not look it, her visceral fat level was 28.5% instead of being lower than 25%.

She started her journey towards better health with Xndo’s 4 Simple Steps programme. “I saw results very quickly and in two weeks, I could see results. In particular, my arms became slimmer and more toned.” Despite her odd working hours, Kelly found the programme easy to follow – and was grateful for the support from her consultant, Lili, who advised her on the best ways to adapt the programme to her individual needs.


Over a period of just nine months, Kelly lost 4kg, reduced harmful internal body fat, gained healthy muscle and dropped two dress sizes. The programme, she said, is easy to follow and convenient.

“I simply replace one regular meal with a protein shake or a noodle or rice meal. They are all prepacked, so it’s very easy.” She especially enjoys the grape flavoured Xndo blocker drink. “I don’t like taking tablets, so I prefer taking my blockers in drink form. I love the fruity flavour and it’s a much healthier and sugar-free replacement to other sodas and drinks.”

The most important thing she feels she has gained from this experience is the knowledge of how to manage her weight and diet well without significant sacrifice. “It is a healthy way to gain a more ideal body composition and I am motived to continuing my journey towards health.”


Testimonial By YEO BEE HWEE

"Xndo just works; no muss, no fuss."





'Just eat and lose weight'. In her initial introduction to Xndo, Bee Hwee was sceptical of the claim. A salesperson herself, she sussed out several Xndo stores to assess the credibility of the shop advisors before committing herself to the programme. And when she did, her confidence in the 4 Simple Step programme grew day by day as she shed the weight.

“I love to eat. And being in sales, irregular meals and frequent lunch and dinner appointments meant my weight soon shot up to almost 80kg!” she shared. She started on a four week programme, replacing her breakfast and dinner with protein shakes. Eating blockers when she had her regular lunch and drinking the coffee for her mid-afternoon break. “I was ‘hungry’ in the first week because my body was so used to eating large amounts of food and getting used to the programme. But after I got used to it, I felt great. I didn’t feel like I was dieting and I didn’t feel I was being restricted.”



Plus, she said, Jecsiy, her advisor was her personal ‘cheerleader’ who kept her dedicated to the programme. “It just works. All you need to do is follow the programme,” she said. “It is an investment in my health that I am glad I took.

A year on, she has lost almost 12kg. Her results have been so dramatic and sustained that she has convinced her friends and family to start the programme too. For Bee Hwee, it is more than just about losing weight, but part of embracing  better health. “More importantly, Xndo’s enzyme tonics have improved the digestive health of my husband and I,” she said. He used to suffer heartburn and Bee Hwee was plagued by bad gastritis attacks.

"After taking Xndo enzymes every morning for just three months, I saw an improvement in my condition. I have since stopped taking my gastric medication!”

Testimonial By JENNY LEE




A thrombosis patient on Warfarin with bad blood circulation, Jenny Lee knew she needed to reduce her weight. She wanted to stay healthy for her two children, and be with them as they grew. Jenny discovered Xndo while shopping at Causeway Point and read a store advertisement about losing weight through eating. She became curious and met professional advisor Rose Kho who explained in detail how the my4 Simple Steps system worked, and how she could lose weight in a healthy way.

Jenny started the Xndo program weighing 60 kg. Without ever feeling hungry or doing vigorous exercise, she lost 6kg in the first month.

“What I like about Xndo is they are using food to make you to lose weight,” she said. “They also do not just base everything on body weight. They monitor the metabolic rate, BMI, and body fat as well as make sure all factors are taken care of with the weight loss.”


I brought along Xndo Platinum2™ and X-Fat™ or Xndo Carbohydrate Blocking drink whenever I met up with friends for a meal to block and reduce the calories and carbohydrates.

Jenny said she no longer felt she had to cover her tummy or hide behind anyone when pictures were taken. “Now I can put my hands on my waist gracefully.”.*

Once again thanks to Xndo and my Weight Advisor, Yvonne. I will recommend Xndo to my friends who want to lose weight and gain health.



Testimonial By PETER KOH



I started on Xndo in early February this year after finding out that I have fatty liver and am at risk of developing serious health problems.

I turned to Xndo to regain health. I ate Xndo meals for breakfast and lunch every day and had Xndo milk tea or healthy bars during the day as snacks. Xndo Platinum2™, X-Fat™ and Xndo carbohydrate blocking drinks also helped me continue to be socially active. Whenever I met my friends for meals, I’d use them to reduce my carbohydrate intake. 



Ever since I started on Xndo, my sugar cravings have ceased. I have also seen an improvement in my fatty liver condition. Xndo’s meal solutions – together with regular exercise – has also helped me lose 10kg. I am a much-healthier 62kg now.

Testimonial By WENDY




I have been overweight since my teenage years. I tried every diet method I could but all failed, and eventually I gave up. Then I was introduced to Xndo by my aunt who lost weight through the Xndo Weight Management Program.

I went on the program for two months and started to lose weight after the first week. 


I've now lost a total of 10kg without starving* and all while still eating my favourite food.

I would like to express my thanks to Xndo for assisting me in gaining back my confidence and achieving my goal. Not only have I lost weight, my skin is glowing and also I feel younger.*


Testimonial By IMRAN BIN JUASA



Before I tried Xndo, I was 96KG and had the ‘3 Highs’ of High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol and High Blood Sugar. My health and life was in danger.

I started Xndo in August 2014 and within 6 months I lost 27kg and my ‘3 Highs’! Not only is my weight back to a health range, but my health is too. The best part is that during the time I have been on the programme, I have been eating real, delicious food.


Testimonial By GLENDA ONG



After my first pregnancy in 2008, my weight increased and never dropped. In October 2015 I was 92kg and desperate to lose weight and be healthier. After starting Xndo’s total health programme, I lost 4kg in the first month.

As of March 2016 I’m down to 79kg. More importantly, my visceral fat has dropped, my metabolic rate has increased, and energetic enough to do light exercise. 

  More than weight loss, I’ve gained health and beaten obesity to reduce my risks of the three H’s - high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and high blood sugar.


Testimonial By ANGELYNA



Being overweight has had an impact on more than my self-esteem. My obesity would cause poor blood circulation and leg cramps – not to mention the health risks.

Starting Xndo has changed my life and my health, Over 8 months, I lost 17kg! Certainly, I look better but more importantly I feel healthier. Thank you Xndo for giving me an indescribable experience and a great sense of achievement for gaining a much lighter me.


Testimonial By CLARENCE ONG




Since 2014 I have been determined to lose weight and stay healthy for the sake of my young daughter.

I weighed about 126kg in 2013, and it took me one year to shed 20kg. Ever since, my weight has remained constant at 106kg despite keeping the same exercise regime.

One morning, while waiting for our daughter to finish her class, my wife and I walked past the Xndo store at Causeway Point and I decided to go in and take a look. Weight Advisor, Cecilia patiently explained to us about ingredients and how the products work.

My wife was initially quite skeptical about such weight


loss products but she too was impressed by Cecilia’s deep product knowledge and decided to give it a try.

We purchased the one month meal plan and in the first week my weight, which had been stagnant for months, began to drop again. In the first month, together with my regular exercise regime and the replacement meal plans, I managed to lose 10kg!*

We have also introduced this meal plan to our friend and she managed to lose 5kg in one month.

Thank you Xndo for providing such excellent products that has made losing weight achievable. I will continue with the meal plan until I reach my targeted weight.