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  • MCT.
  • Burn Fats.
  • Prolong sensation of fullness.
  • High Fibre.

Xndo - Superfood Soyred 1Sxndo - Superfood Soyred 1SXndo - Superfood Soyred 1SXndo - Superfood Syyred 1S

Product Description

Xndo Superfood Soyred is a nutritious beverage made from premium selected 16 types of ingredients with 5 colours of phytonutrients. It also contains 30 types of vitamins and minerals. Make yourself a cup of Superfood Soyred and indulge in the fragrance of Soyred! You will love it!

Recommended Dose

4 Scoops of superfood soyred, added to 200ml of hot water, ice may be added as an option.

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