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Simple Movements

For Weight Loss

Simple Movements

Though we don't require you to do intensive exercise routine, we still highly encourage you to do some simple exercise and there is a big difference between exercising for fitness and exercising for weight management.

To lose weight through fitness training is both very hard and is not sustainable over time. The kind of exercise needed for weight-loss is kinetic exercise to keep your metabolic rate high.

Burning Calories Throughout the Day

A good kinetic exercise for weight management is to simply take a walk, but it must be at least 30 minutes continuous walking in order to impact your metabolic rate. The body’s metabolic rate determines the rate at which you will burn your body fat.


1kg of body fat consists of 9000KCAL. In one hour of walking/jogging, you will only burn about 300KCAL. This means that you have to exercise for about 30 hours in order to burn off 1kg of body fat. Most of us would have a difficulty finding "another" 30 hours to fit into our busy week. You would also be "over-exercising", with potential harm to your body including damage to your knees. Only when your calorie intake is reduced will you be able create the calorie deficit needed to manage your weight properly.

Protect Your Muscles

When you lose weight, your body would choose to burns off your muscles before it burns your fat reserves, which is exactly what you don't want to happen. With more muscles, your body will also look fitter as muscles let's your body will look firmer instead of fat that causes your body look flabby.

In order to "signal" your body to avoid burning off your muscles, you need to do some simple static exercises. This can be achieved by adding some push-ups, light weights or similar activity into your daily routine.