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4 Weeks Lifestyle Plan 2 (PROTEIN)
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MY4 SIMPLE STEPS - Lose Weight Through Eating

Lose weight through eating with my4 simple steps. Xndo helps you to reduce about 1000 Calories* (KCAL) per day by simply replacing some of your foods and drinks with Xndo foods and drinks.


Replace one of your meals with our meals, Preferably lunch or dinner. 

Our delicious ready-to-eat meals have low calorie density and are nutritionally balanced. Low in Carbohydrates, High in Protein and Fibre. This means you will have a nice filling portion but with fewer calories. Often, our meals have as little as only 1/2 or 1/3 of the calories that you would normally get in a regular meal. 

With Xndo Replace, you will:

  • Keep eating, and able to continue eating real food
  • Enjoy the eating pleasure, remain your lifestyle
  • Replace carbohydrates that will turn into harmful sugar with protein and fibre that keep you full longer
  • Lose weight while still feeling full 

Choose 20 packets of Protein
Suggestion from Xndo - choosing a variety of flavours will keep your tastebud excited


When you have your Ordinary meal, drink a Carbohydrate Blocking Drink before meal and a Fat Blocking Drink after meal. 

As much as we need food to live, we also eat for pleasure and social reasons. A nice meal with good friends is important and enjoyable. However, food has calories that will make you put on weight if you overindulge. That is where our Drink can help you to enjoy eating and socializing while managing your weight at the same time.

With Xndo Block, you can:

  • Reduce absorption of Carbohydrates and excess Fat from food
  • Keep socialising, No feeling deprived
  • Achieve Xndo balanced ratio of Proteins, Fats, Fibre and  Carbohydrates. 

Choose 12 Boxes of Carbs Blocker Drinks


Throughout the day, have Xndo Beverages and Snacks instead of yours. 

Many of our Drinks and Snacks will help you to increase your Metabolic Rate and also increase your satiety (feeling of fullness). The increased metabolic will help to burn calories more effectively throughout the day. The feeling of satiety will help to reduce your snack cravings. 

With Xndo Boost, you will:

  • Burn calories throughout the day 
  • Increase your metabolic rate 
  • Regulate blood sugar by causing a slower release of sugar into blood, hence making you feel full longer

Choose 8 Box of Coffee and Teh Tarik of your choice


Take Xndo enzymes and other digestive products to have a well-functioning, regular and clean intestine. 

To have a constant well functioning regular clean intestine is important for a better health and weight loss. Stored Toxins can bind to fat and make it more difficult for the fat to break down. Our enzyme range is an excellent way of looking after your intestine but also provides friendly bacteria, vitamins, minerals and high level of antioxidants such as SOD to your system.

With Xndo Detox, you can:

  • Enchance your digestion & absorption of nutrient
  • Restore friendly healthy bacteria to your system
  • Regulate your bowel movement
  • Feel lighter & more energized

Choose 12 Boxes of Enzyme Drinks of your choice
Suggestion from Xndo - Combine Enzyme Drinks and Tummy Supplement will give your Detox process further enhancement 

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