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Body Essentials Bundle

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Body Essentials Bundle

- 2 Le Muscle 15S

- 6 Apple Vinegar 5S

- 2 Viscerin 15S

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Le Muscle 15S
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Viscerin 15S
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Body Essentials Bundle
Body Essentials Bundle

In stock



    1. Le Muscles 15S

    Xndo Le Muscle™ 15S contains a high potency proprietary blends of pycnogenol, blackcurrants and tomato extracts that helps to promote muscle tone. This product helps to reduce glycation, inflammation and oxidative stress.

    2. Apple Vinegar 5S

    Xndo Apple Vinegar 5S is a powerful aid in neutralising acidity from the body and tackling inflammation, oxidation and glycation. Using only high quality, pure concentrated apple vinegar, these daily tonics are a potent ally in improving metabolism, reducing inflammation and building immunity.

    3. Viscerin 15S

    Xndo Viscerin effectively targets and eliminates dangerous visceral fat – the fat around the organs – that is a major risk factor for disease. Viscerin is made of a proprietary blend of ingredients with powerful fat-burning properties.  Extracts of lotus leaf, red vine leaf extract and corn silk extract promote lipolysis in white adipose tissue and thermogenesis in brown fat. Viscerin also helps to reduce water retention, stabilises blood sugar and prolongs the sensation of fullness.

    *Pregnant/lactating woman or people with medical conditions should consult their doctor before use.

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